Are you overwhelmed by all there is to do for your business online? Between posting on social media and updating your website, when do you actually have the time to help your clients?!?!

Learn what's REALLY important, and what to tackle first, by Harnessing Online Overwhelm (HOO)!

The HOO Webinar Series is a set of four FREE live webinars designed to help you handle your online anxiety by giving you the tools and steps you need to maximize your impact without losing your mind!

Navigating the Online Playground: March 8th, 1pm EST


Special 2-Day Intensive Workshop


October 1 & 2, 2018
Cooperative Venture Workspace (COVE)
36 Maplewood Avenue
Portsmouth, NH

This two-day intensive is a WORKshop for entrepreneurs who get things done.
Focus is on Content Creation and SEO.

Bring your laptop. Bring your fresh brain. Wear comfortable clothes.

Get ready to walk away exhilarated because you finally knocked pesky things off your list, and learned strategies and tips that will make your life easier as you move forward with your website and social media.

The topic for our upcoming webinar is…

June 12, 2018 @ 11AM EST


Hey! Now it is time to put it all together.

In session 4, Meaningful Metrics, we’ll be reviewing the steps we’ve taken thus far, then talking about how you measure, adjust, maintain, and advance your online presence using social media and your website.

Different metrics will be “meaningful” to different “intentions”.  What was your goal this time around working with your website and social media?

Brand recognition? Prospect engagement? Increase website traffic? Increase conversions? Enhance public relations? Build community of advocates?

Let’s talk…Please join us…

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SESSION #3 Topic…

MAY 3, 2018 @ 11AM EST


In our first webinar, you learned how to navigate this “new” playground and WHY it’s so important.

During the second webinar, you learned many bite-sized tasks that prepare you for big change in your online presence. And now you’re ready to feed the online machine

Now that you’ve defined your target audience, you’ve set up your website and social media accounts, its time to create the content in a way that will build your brand, attract clients, and increase your bottom line.

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SESSION #2 Topic

APRIL 3, 2018 @ 1PM EST

In our first webinar, you learned how to navigate this “new” playground and WHY it’s so important. You had checklists and action plans for choosing the social media “structures” that will do the most for your business, and now you know how to use both your website and social media to complement each other.

Now that you’re clear on where you’re jumping in… let’s look at some manageable, actionable tasks to get you thriving online!

From setting up your social accounts and ensuring that they’re branded, consistent, and never empty or stagnant, to preparing for the often overwhelming task of building or refreshing your website – we’ve got the critical elements broken down for you! Learn what you need to have ready ASAP, and what can wait so you can harness that overwhelm and get the important things done NOW!

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SESSION #1 Topic

MARCH 15, 2018 @ 1PM EST

Do you remember when you were little and you experienced a new playground for the first time? It was SO COOL! So much to explore, maybe a few things that scared you a bit? For us, that was (and still is!) the monkey bars. Or the spinning things. What about your old favorites calling you to come see if you could test their limits – like the swings! Could you flip over the top bar on that one?

Checking out a new playground was always filled with so many feelings. When it was the cool place to be, you knew you needed to master it, look like a pro doing it, and not make any big mistakes, because all of the older kids who knew what they were doing would see…

Fast forward 30+ years. We’re online. For. Everything. Our social lives are connected by it. Our business thrive by it.

It’s our “new” playground…and we’ve got to figure out how to master the monkey bars (your website and online presence) and max out the swings (social media). And time is of the essence. This playground is on the move, and being flexible, willing to learn and try new things, and being seen are all key to keeping the overwhelm at bay so you can be king (or queen) of this jungle gym!

But where do you begin? Let’s start with establishing your presence, and once you’re there….getting found. What good is it if your friends (aka PROSPECTS) past, present, and future, can’t find you?!?!?

We are kicking off the Harnessing Online Overwhelm (HOO) Webinar Series with this fun, action oriented webinar where you’ll learn in less than an hour how to navigate this “new” playground and WHY it’s so important. Your takeaways will include checklists and action plans for choosing the social media “structures” that will do the most for your business, how to use your both your website and social media to compliment each other, and next steps to get you not only comfortable, but set up for thriving in your new playground!

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We’re just two gals, here to help make your business thrive online…without you being all stressed out about it!

Maura Webster

Maura Webster is the Founder, CEO & Chief Strategist of LillaBlu Strategies, LLC.
Maura founded LillaBlu, a boutique marketing company focused on real meaningful marketing, to bring an authentic, creative, strategic, and people-centered approach to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and growing companies who want to make a difference. Between that, teaching PR at FSU, and spending time with her two daughters and their black lab, Larry, her days are full and she loves it!

Karen Callahan

Karen Callahan is the Founder and Principal of Adventures Online.
Karen founded Adventures Online in 1997 and quickly became the “Web Developer that Web Developers call.” A former teacher and avid fan of WordPress, Karen has co-organized WordCamps and written a book about WordPress SEO. When she’s not working her magic with websites and WordPress blogs, or training clients to become Guru’s like herself, she’s traveling & living wild adventures OFFLINE!

Upcoming Webinars in the HOO Series

We’re here to help you harness the online overwhelm, and we’ll do it over the course of a few FREE, digestable, recorded, webinars. Here is the schedule of the whole series…stay tuned for more details!

  1. Navigating the Online Playground: Thursday, March 8th, 1pm EST
  2. Bite Sized Tasks for Big Change: Tuesday, April 3, 1pm EST
  3. Words – They Mean Something: Thursday, May 3, 11am EST
  4. Winner, Winner! How To Measure Success: Tuesday, June 12, 11am EST